An Investigation

Here’s a nice moment I was lucky enough to capture that shows the kind of persistent curiosity and exploration that is the hallmark of our youngest, most natural scientists.

Many thanks to my pal Jesse Mejia for providing me with the music, and to my friends Gever Tulley and Julie Spiegler, authors of 50 Dangerous Things (You Should let your child do)  for their gift of the copper tube and spherical rare earth magnet.

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Re.Make Pilot


I’m looking forward to shooting this pilot! The project is super cool and for a good cause.

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CoLab Tinkering Camp Day Three 8.04.11

Tinkering Studio morning lightPouring phase of matter600 nm wavelengths and Carbon/Oxygen double bondsContainment obtainmentStudio physicsSolid state sublimation exploration
play=physics=funGreen and red lasers532 nmDry ice+lasers+flowersThe traditional, proper way to battery testgood battery= good reactions
ProjectsProject-ingDPDT Motor control  Challenge- Success!DPDT Solutions DiagramRockets and carsKoa Chemistry
Thermoplastic adhesionAubrey's awesome re-robotRocket tree fishingRiley DPDT Wiper MotorWiring up the LED chandelier for rotationRotation implementation Succeed!
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CoLab Day Two 8.03.11

Launch crewMakers Gotta MakeUna's heat gun tutorialTapeZygomaticus major varient, in particular for RileyZygomaticus major and minor, Orbicularis oculi, Levator labii superioris- activate
P1770049MaterialsDrill PressRocket sistersRocket sisters 2Hot glue spider webs
Rocket Painting/ DecoupageButtonDrilling holes for Button LEDsSharing drill skillsExperimenting- Button wiring: NC or NOAlways Adding LEDs
Aubrey's glowing LED button of making things happenWiring a glowing buttonLaunch box build1" spade bit vs plastic =Rockets and launchers need more LEDsGlowing launch button

CoLab Day Two 8.03.11, a set on Flickr.

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8.02.11 CoLab Tinkering Camp Day One

Nut drivin'Setting up the Tinkering Studio P1760617Arriving at the Tinkering Studiocarbon dioxide phase change +500 LEDsSparrow's first LED!
P1760629P1760636P1760639Discovery of fitting PartsP1760645P1760661
Coolest mini catapult *evar*P1760700The hottest, newest trends in protective eywearParts tableLots of Metal BitsTinkering Studio, wide
Custom, careful, precise bamboo cutP1760715P1760716P1760724_2MaterialsP1760729
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My First CoLab Tinkering Camp: 1948

Seems like such a long time ago. It’s so strange to have all my former students older than me now.

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CoLab Tinkering Camp 7.22.11 pm Highlights

Back in engineering actionFresnel ColbyLamp and LauncherThis is how you test 9V batteriesPair 'o LampsVehicle engineering
P1750115Sawzall not a sawzsomeTitanium step bits are amazingExpert wire chomperAdding wheels to a bamboo bodySwitch
Magnetic Sphere trackFinishing clamp, ready to drillMore design decisionsP1750173P1750177rampin' and lampin'
Remote part oneDecoreRemote part twoFamily timeFueling up the revamped CO2 launcherPressure
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