CoLab Day Two 8.03.11

Launch crewMakers Gotta MakeUna's heat gun tutorialTapeZygomaticus major varient, in particular for RileyZygomaticus major and minor, Orbicularis oculi, Levator labii superioris- activate
P1770049MaterialsDrill PressRocket sistersRocket sisters 2Hot glue spider webs
Rocket Painting/ DecoupageButtonDrilling holes for Button LEDsSharing drill skillsExperimenting- Button wiring: NC or NOAlways Adding LEDs
Aubrey's glowing LED button of making things happenWiring a glowing buttonLaunch box build1" spade bit vs plastic =Rockets and launchers need more LEDsGlowing launch button

CoLab Day Two 8.03.11, a set on Flickr.

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