CoLab Tinkering Camp 7.22.11 am Highlights

A quiet tent awaits exploration and inventionA re-purposed Spinning Bowl of Dry Icy Death...Lens effectIce, pressure and wireMagnetic back saver, LED JediMasters motor with lantern battery
A developing inventionLEDs FTWCold Lampin'ElizalightA cool invention made cooler with LED powerElizabeth's lamp build
Amelia preps for a cutTorch and solderMetal splatWire and fireCopper solderingEven Owl Hat has goggles
A drill in the handRolling engineeringWell drilledBen and Kaia's car, drilling through Lego and BambooKaia happy danceCopper lamp fittings
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CoLab Tinkering Camp 7.21.11 pm Highlights

Spinning flames 'o death: SF'oDCamp fashion evolvesExpert solderingP1740275Hot glue to help hold on the fire bowlFire screen
P1740321P1740342P1740343From bullet- head to barbie brainProjectile physicsFire-tornado apparatus
WiringP1740374Overhead: spinning bowl of death (SBOD)Erlenmeyer flask specsP1740399There will be burning
P1740416AshesThomas the Train WreckThe fiery cage of certain succeedness and containment.There's no chance we will need this hose. Nope.First flame success!
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CoLab Tinkering Camp 7.21.11 am Highlights

Day 2 of single-day sessions begins!P1730802Bending Toys R UsP1730814Take-apart ElmoFlame test- Alcohol
Invisible Alcohol FlamesWe have a winnerPortent of flames to comeP1730871Elmo necropsyP1730905
Circuit-Bent ElmoP1730933P1730939Modern printers= trickyP1730953LCD exploration
Teaching Cutting hollow rodsOverview of creative destructionP1740024A drilling solution for stripped screwsP1740051Metallurgy experiment
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Thanks, Chris, for the nice Make: Profile!


I had the great fortune to meet Chris Conners at my first Bay Area Maker Faire, three years ago. Chris is a regular Make: Contributor on educational and creativity issues. He does incredible work as a teacher in engineering and design at his school in Massachusetts. (See link below. Click the pic to the left for the Make: post

Thanks again, Chris!

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CoLab 2011 First Day Photos

First day of CoLab Tinkering Camp 2011 photos up on Flickr: Robots, race cars, rockets and spinning wheels of death

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Adventures in teaching and tinkering at Curiosity Club May 17

Watch it streaming live here: 

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A few Opal School moments

Here’s the first of a series of short videos I’ve made for the Center for Children’s Learning .

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